Metadata Management As a Strategic Data Imperative  By: Gal Ziton, CTO & Co-Founder, Octopai, Daniel Yarmoluk, Director of IoT and Data Science, ATEK, All Things Data Podcast and VertiAI

The emergence of an easy-to-use centralized metadata governance solution is essential to move efficiently throughout the data journey and data value chain.  Metadata management is the underlying skill to enable organizations to focus on discovering new patterns, predicting future events and simulating different scenarios that is easy, efficient and transparent but must be treated as foundational and strategic importance of the modern data enterprise.

Don’t Fear AI. Fear Human Stupidity

Dan Yarmoluk discusses Daniel Kahneman’s book Thinking Fast and Slow and how human biases typically get in the way of rational thinking.  Data science, algorithms and artificial intelligence can aid human decision making and search for the truth. Evidence-based, data-driven people, organizations and missions can help avoid misunderstandings, conflict or, make better decisions.

Evolutionary Image Co-Clustering with User Feedbacks

In this paper, the authors propose EHCC (Evolutionary star-structured Heterogeneous Co-Clustering) algorithm for image co-clustering. Our algorithm incorporates user provided feedbacks over period of time to guide co-clustering process. We incorporate user provided feedback in terms of image similarity logs over period of time to augment relational matrix obtained from low level features (color and textual features) extracted from images. Through an iterative algorithm, we tri-factorize new relational matrix to obtain image clusters.  Through extensive experiments on image data sets, we demonstrate effectiveness and effciency of our proposed algorithm.

The Art of Data Visualization, PBS

Siemens has been integrating AI into industrial machines since before it was cool.

Dan Yarmoluk wrote about the long history of Siemens utilizing artificial intelligence and deep learning with Dr. Michael May.    For instance, more than 20 years ago, Siemens implemented neural networks in more than 30 steel plants to monitor and improve quality, process, and efficiencies. The company also has substantial experience in using AI to calculate the remaining useful life of gas turbines.

The Data Swarm – A Next Step for Distributed Data Analytics

Dr. Rege and Dr. Smith discuss the data swarm and swarm intelligence as a new approach for decentralized analytics.

Are hacking and IT security becoming more data-driven than human-driven?

Are hacking and IT security becoming more data-driven than human-driven? Dr. Manjeet Rege discussed hacker’s machine learning data volume problem.

How Co-clustering Can Discover Industrial Patterns

Dan Yarmoluk and Dr. Manjeet Rege illustrates how bi-clustering or co-clustering is a useful approach for exploration.  The industrial realm still struggles to mine insights from massive troves of data, but a technique known as data clustering can address the challenge.

Data Warehousing (R)Evolution: Where’s it headed next? 

This paper provides an overview of the history and current state of data warehousing and corporate analytics.  It begins with a quick review of the history of the data warehouse and then does a deeper dive into subsets of this space including data integration, the DBMS, business intelligence & analytics, advanced analytics, and information stewardship.  It finishes with a quick review of some of the leading trends in data warehousing including Big Data and the Logical Data Warehouse, Hybrid Transaction Analytical Processing and In Memory Computing.

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