What Kind of Projects Do You Work On?

The team at VertiAI are often engaged for strategic consulting, training, writing, marketing communications, business development, staff augmentation as well as investment/M&A consulting.  We thrive on complicated, big problems and the front lines of data-driven, evidence-based digital transformation.  Send us an email, we can certainly have a discussion!

Integrated Marketing Opportunities

Several Chief Data Scientists, CIOs, CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, Board Members of Public Companies, leading tech executives in big data, AI, machine learning have agreed enthusiastically to participating in the podcast.  This underscores the gap or thirst for this type of content.  In the B2B space, content-driven marketing strategies are providing awareness, trial and stronger relationships with customers, particularly with difficult technology solutions and products available today.  If you would like to consider having this podcast onsite at your company or with a live marketing event with your key technology executives or have a message you feel strong about, we would be happy to develop a dialog.

How Can I Collaborate with VertiAI?

Send us an email!  We have professors, students, industrial experts, reliability engineers, software engineers, business development experts, brand managers, product managers, venture capitalists, thought leaders and futurists we often collaborate with.  The easiest way to see if we can help is to reach out!

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